Our range of video related services include the following, if the service you require is not listed below please contact us

Promotional Films
We can create promo videos for your brand or business. These films can be specialised for specific products or services and even targeted at a specific audience. These videos are a great way to explain to customer’s in a visual format, particularly a product or service that might require this format and needs to be explained in greater detail.

Motion Graphics
We can create motion graphics and short videos using typography and simple animation to get your idea across

We can create special visual effects for videos and short films. Examples of VFX that we can provide include motion tracking, green screen, titles, 3d effects and compositing.

We can make professional adverts for your business, service or product. These adverts can help demonstrate your product or business and reach potential customers. These adverts can be displayed online or via your website.

Instagram / Vine Viral Videos
Instagram and Vine are now powerful platforms to get your brand shown and being online can lead to your product going viral, being shared among targeted users. We can create short 15 second videos to go on your Instagram that will specifically target these potential customers. We can create short videos that will get the message you want across in that short amount of time.

YouTube Videos
YouTube is the most popular video website and it is important to get some presence of your business or product on this platform. We can create short simple videos that can be displayed as an advert that run before other popular videos. Or we can create a more in-depth video of your product, business or service that you can host on YouTube and share on your website, being on YouTube this also allows the video to be found using target keywords and also shared amongst your fans, followers and potential customers

Product Information Videos
We can create product information videos. These are videos used to demonstrate a product or service. We can combine video, text, images, sound and music to create an immersive video that will help explain your product and provide information to potential customers. These videos can increase conversion rates on sales by offering information to a customer before they purchase.

We also provide video editing services